Hum, letís see. It is all pretty simple.

First, it is about helping our users fish for better deals on the things they need to purchase whether it is with a coupon, coupon code, or discount thereby helping them save money in these trying times. At Cornerstone Coupons, the user can find printable coupons, digital coupons, and great deals in online shopping.

Secondly, besides the savings they will get through our coupons and discounts, we provide them with a platform to gain additional monies (Cash Forward Rewards) that they can donate to their church for mission work. We call this our Save 2 Give Program, and we canít wait to see how this takes off and helps so many people because of you.

Thirdly, and prayerfully, with the additional monies for mission work, more souls will be saved and the gospel spread all over the world more effectively.

In addition to the money saving and soul saving benefits, we included a page where users can send in their stories or events where God showed up in their lives in a wonderful way.The God is Good page will spread the good word of Jesus Christ and uplift other Christians or non-Christians to his might and power. We welcome any story that you think can help others to come to realize that we are all not in charge, and that God is the ultimate orchestrator of our lives.

A perfect example of a God is Good story happened to me recently. My daughter had a wonderful first grade teacher that went out of her way to nurture my daughter, and bring her up to speed with the other students in the class. Because of her giving nature, we always kept her in our hearts and usually delivered her a Christmas gift even as my daughter completed high school.One day I was talking to a friend who also knew her, and she told me about a terrible tragedy where the teacherís son had died in a car wreck. It had happened a while back, and so I did not even know the date of the terrible event, but I felt moved to reach out to her to say how sorry I was for her loss.I kept asking the other friend to get me her address so I could write a letter to her. Well a few months passed, and I never received the teacherís address, so I just decided to send it to the school where she used to teach in hopes it would reach her.I sat down and carefully wrote a letter to her telling her how much she had meant to us, and that she must have been a wonderful mother to her son because she was such a wonderful teacher to my daughter. I told her all the things I could think of that might uplift her in her terrible time of need.About a week later, I received a letter back from her saying that she got my letter and that it meant the world to her.She said that she was very low the day she received it because it was the exact one year anniversary of her sonís death. That was not coincidence, but divine orchestration. God knew the perfect moment when the letter would do the most good for the teacher, and he orchestrated my delay in writing it.This is a God is Good story, and we would like to share yours too. Cornerstone Coupons will accept any story that you choose to send us, and we hope that it will help to demonstrate his divine power and his existence so that others can develop a relationship with Jesus Christ in their everyday lives. Please send us your God is Good Story. Weíd love to hear it and so would so many other people.

Our third page is the Pastorís Message page. This is a series of messages that I have archived for your instruction and enjoyment.I have used Pastor Kurt Parker as he is my Minister, and I believe he has a true gift for teaching Godís word and providing itís applicability to todayís world.He is the main preacher at Harborside Church, a Bible Based Church in Safety Harbor, Florida. I enjoy his messages, and I thought you might also. If you are a Pastor of a Christian Church somewhere out there, and you feel you have a great message to share, please send it to us, and perhaps we will post it too. Our goal with this page is to spread the word of Christ electronically so it can reach as many people as possible. Like I have heard, in some countries they may not have running water, but they have computers and iPhones! Cornerstone Coupons intends to take advantage of this simple method to bring Godís purpose to the masses and to those who just like to learn as much as they can about his Word, the ultimate authority.

This is what we are about; saving souls, saving money, and teaching the good news that his Spirit is alive in us all the time if we have accepted him as our Lord and Savior.Itís free to our users just like salvation is free to anyone.